Driving Vision.  Durable Mission.  Enduring Goals.


Integrity is often simplified as what one does when no one is watching.  At DuCon, we believe that integrity is the most important trait of our company because it effects all critical outcomes of our company, from the life cycles of our buildings to the life-spans of the people we work with.  Integrity is the foundation of safety, quality, and financial trust, three primary factors of our industry.  The construction industry contains such a vast range of components, it is impossible to be everywhere, all the time, inspecting every component.  This demands integrity by the team members on any given project.






Generally, when one thinks of “reliability” it initiates thoughts of an automobile driven thousands of miles without failure, a grandparent that has consistently delivered benevolence without reward or recognition, or a favorite pair of jeans that look and feel great after years of wear and wash.  While DuCon may not be driven as a vehicle, related as kinship, or worn as clothing, we strive to give our clients and business partners the same familiar, secure feeling of the aforementioned items.  Construction may at times be a stressful for the consumer, but our aim is for our clients to maintain confidence in the process knowing that DuCon is reliable and will deliver a quality project and first-rate experience.

Dedication extends beyond the current circumstance.  It supersedes the financial and emotional highs and lows of business.  Dedication, as defined, means the devotion to a task or purpose.  At DuCon, we are devoted to our Mission, Goal, and Vision and that is what drives our Dedication to our organization, clients, business partners, and community.  Our Dedication compels us to go above and beyond our contractual duties to ensure our clients’ satisfaction and leads us to diligently work towards win-win solutions with our clients and business partners regardless of where the leverage lies.  Our Dedication drives us to consistently give back to our community whether the economy is booming or bursting.  For us, our Dedication starts with our families and community, and it separates DuCon from competitors and distinguishes us in our industry.  Our Dedication to our clients and business partners is simply an extension of our Dedication to our mission, families, and community. 

Most speak of Excellence as an achievement; however, it is better expressed as a way of life, a constant forward motion towards the highest level of a respective endeavor that certain individuals and organizations, almost religiously, strive for.  This constant forward motion is not a resting place of achievement but rather a continuum of improvement and progress.  One of the greatest football coaches to ever live, Vince Lombardi, once stated “Perfection is not attainable, but, if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.”  I believe the “the chase” defines the Excellence!  While DuCon knows there is no such thing as a perfect project or a perfect building, we approach each project, as Coach Lombardi described it, chasing perfection, with the expectation of executing Excellence.  From the inception of a project, DuCon initiates Excellence through preparation, planning, and communication.  Excellence is then driven through the completion of the project through People, Reliability, Integrity, and Dedication.  Excellence extends beyond experience and resources, for it is the attitude that motivates us to be champions of our domain.

People are the key ingredient of the construction industry. Whether you relate the client to sugar or the subcontractor to flour of your favorite baked good, the buildings won’t rise without either. DuCon focuses on servicing, leading, and growing those primary ingredients – PEOPLE.  Different from most other production and manufacturing process oriented industries, construction is not machine driven, it is not assembly line based with shelf shopping/purchasing/consuming customers.  PEOPLE drive the construction industry and process from the very beginning, starting with marketing & business development through design, constructing and close, and then on through the warranty period. DuCon places our foremost energy and time on the PEOPLE and relationships that determine the success of our projects and team.  We can do nothing in this industry without connecting with quality people in all facets of the business… PEOPLE FIRST!