The Pre-Construction stage begins when the owner enters into contract with the Construction Manager at any point of the Design Stage, as reference above, for the primary purpose of facilitating the progression from design to construction commencement.

After the Design Stage is completed, the Construction Manager executes the Bidding and Procurement Stage.  During the Bidding and Procurement Stage, the plans, specifications, and scope of the project are precisely vetted to ensure that all aspects necessary to construct the project are thoroughly covered for execution.  When all scopes are covered by an adequate number of completive bids and/or to be completed by the Construction Manager at Risk, the final budget is presented to the client and negotiated based on the terms set forth in the Pre-construction Agreement.  Upon the client and Construction Manager agreeing to the contract terms, a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) Contract is executed and subsequently the necessary Subcontractor contracts are let.  Concurrently or just ensuing, the Construction Manager initiates the Permitting Stage with the governing municipality or building official for approval of the Construction Documents and Construction Manager for building based on the governing ordinances and codes. The completion of all contracting and permitting concludes the Pre-construction Stage and construction process is ready to begin.