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Our vision is to perform as an industry leader recognized for continual,

profitable relationships that are built on quality, trust, and virtue.


Our mission is to glorify God by using our skills, resources, and work ethic to provide quality construction and superior service to our clients, industry, and community.  There is a need for DuCon within our industry and community, and it is our mission to meet that need.


Our goal is to develop and maintain clients and business partners that are anxious to invest and partner with DuCon. Clients that eagerly recommend DuCon without hesitation.​


Mr. DuBose prides himself on diversity, “My Faith and my experiences in football are the developers of my diversity. Jesus tells us to love our neighbor as we love ourselves.  He doesn’t say to love your neighbors of particular colors, races, or backgrounds. For this reason I make a persistent effort to value relationships and people and maintain diverse social, business, and community structures.”

As a four time SEC Football Champion and National College Football Champion, and having managed construction operations in three different states for the nation’s largest builder/developer, Mr. DuBose knows a little about executing game plans successfully with a diverse group of individuals in high pressure situations. “Playing on championship football teams in college creates, fosters, and mandates diversity!  To come together for a common goal, with teammates from different races, cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds; set your differences aside for the cause and love of the game; develop genuine respect and relationships during the journey; and then experience the fruition of the executed plan by winning a championship – to me, other than our diverse U.S. soldiers fighting in battle, it is the best training ground for a career and life of diversity. The things you learn and talk about during the 1000’s of hours, the high pressure situations you’re in together – you don’t care what demographic the man playing with you is from, as long as he makes his block or tackle!  My approach to development and construction projects is the same.”

Mr. DuBose carries his philosophies on diversity not only in DuCon but throughout the construction industry and his community. His focus and desire is to lead the way in the industry, breaking down barriers that keep the construction industry from cultural progression. “My utopia of Diversity in our industry is simple – it would be for our industry to reflect the Diversity of our nation in which we live at each level of business, extending upward through executive management. It may not happen in my lifetime, but I would like to affect the path to progression while I’m here on earth.”


P - People

​R - Reliability

I - Integrity

D - Dedication

E  - Excellence


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