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Have you ever passively monitored the progress of a construction site? Drive by a newly completed building and thought “I could have done that!”, “I can do that!”, or “I sure would like to build my own project!”? Well, DuCon makes that notion a possibility with our consulting brand simply known as iCon.  An a la carte service, iCon is a custom-tailored development and construction consulting service implemented by DuCon to meet the needs of a wide range of clients.

In an ever-changing society that has evolved into an informational unconstrained world where people have extensive access to information and historically obscured processes, there is a growing market for individuals and businesses that want to have a more hands-on and active role in the construction of their project – some even want to control it.  iCon provides that unique involved opportunity so that seeking clients may participate more in the process. iCon is not for everyone as it is designed for the properly suited client seeking to build the properly suited project.

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