Our Owner’s Representation service offers support and service during the planning, design, and construction phases. DuCon provides precisely the services that you need to meet your project goals by tailoring a scope of work and contract specifically for your particular project.

Major construction projects are complex and difficult to manage. Effectively planning logistics, organizing subcontractors, predicting and calculating costs, and ensuring a high quality of work takes experience, time, and resources. The mismanagement of construction projects can cost owners significant money, valuable time, and in some cases the failure of a business. DuCon offers owner’s representative services at varying levels which are based on your needs for your specific project. As the owner, you decide how much involvement and decision-making authority we will have as your owner’s representative and we tailor a plan and contract to meet those needs.

An Extension of Your Team


We establish a collaborative team through trust and commitment


Providing accurate and conservative budgets


Evaluating quality and specification conformance


Monitoring timelines and managing decisions


Making you our focus and priority during every meeting